Nero’s Fiddling

It appears that over the past ten years, many people have come to accept the fact that the climate is changing and for the most part, not in a better way. While some people dispute the claim that the extra CO2 in the atmosphere comes from burning fossil fuels and is responsible for the warming, we should bear in mind that no reputable, peer-reviewed scientific paper has come forward to counter the claim of human-caused warming and climate change. The natural variations theory does not hold up to the facts.

Meanwhile, here is what the five US cities most at risk for flooding are doing.

Miami – Citizens imposed a new tax to pay for raising roadways and constructing drainage to reduce flood damage.

New York City – The city is installing sandbag walls in lower Manhattan while planning more extensive flood control projects.

New Orleans – The state released a $40 billion plan to build levees, restore shorelines and relocate flood-prone communities.

Tampa – City engineers are preparing for future sea level rises of 12-30 inches by 2050 and 2 to 8 FEET by 2100. Projects are being planned based upon these projections.

Boston – Plans are in place for similar sea level changes as Tampa with over $300 million allocated every year for various flood control projects.

On a local level, have you noticed that our state of Oklahoma is beginning to rebuild a lot of outdated state highway bridges (with Federal money)? Every single bridge being rebuilt you can see is one to three feet higher than the previous bridge. Seems like even people in Oklahoma are planning for wetter weather.