Essentials of Faith:  Confirmation, Reception, Reaffirmation and just plain getting a grip on it

We have tried a variety of canned confirmation curricula over the years at Grace.  What we generally find is that today’s church-goers have a difficult time committing to a regular class every Sunday or every Wednesday.  They have a difficult time making long term commitments and when motivated, people are often good self-learners.
That means our job in Christian Formation of Adults at Grace is not to stuff people’s minds full of important facts and concepts, but we need to teach the basics, teach them why, motivate them and point them towards additional resources.  The Essentials of Faith approach is designed to do just that.
We will run the Essentials program through the summer of 2016 with two Sundays devoted to each section.  Whether you were born in the Episcopal Church or you are a recent convert from Zoroastrianism, these sessions will have some material you have probably never learned or considered.  Essentials is open to people of all ages.
The Essentials of [Anglican] Faith is conveyed in six one hour sessions:
1. Jesus – Who is he?  What did he do?  Why did he do it?  His essential teachings.  The unique claim of Christianity.  and more
2. The Church – What is it?  What is the purpose?  Why can’t I just do my own thing?  Cults and ecclesia.  etc.
3. The Bible – What is it?  Why was it written?  Who wrote it?  What is its purpose?  Bible abuse both ways.  The irony of biblical inerrancy leads people to violate the first commandment. 
4. Salvation – Is there really a pie in the sky when I die?  What did Jesus really mean about this stuff?  Why is it so badly misused today?
5. Worship – Why we do what we do.  Why it is important for you?  Repetition.  Scripture.  Tradition.  Reason.  Don’t park your brains at our door.
6. Living a practical faith – Inclusiveness.  Diversity.  Big hearts living in a big tent without fear.