Ministries at Grace

To assist our Rector (parish priest) and Deacons and take responsibility for the major decisions that are made in the operation of our church, parishioners take part in several ministries:

The Vestry: Oversees management of finances and property for the parish.

The name comes from Shakespearean era English and refers to the English custom of governing boards of parishes meeting in rooms where the vestments were stored. The vestry is headed by the Rector, and lay leaders are referred to as Senior and Junior wardens. The vestry serves as a parochial governing board.

The Finance Committee: Is responsible for the proper handling of money from the time of collection to the point of payment.

The Stewardship Committee: Leads the congregation in the annual pledge drive every fall as well as planning events year round to emphasize what the Bible requires for every Christian to give of themselves in their time, skills and financial resources.The church operates entirely upon funds given by parishioners during the annual stewardship campaign.

The Building Committee: Works with the Vestry, Rector, architect, and construction manager to ensure that the construction project goes smoothly and is completed properly.

Saturday Sextons meet for breakfast and a devotional once a month and then take care of numerous jobs on the church property that would normally be done by a paid Sexton. This includes everything from repairing holes in the parking lot or loose bricks in the courtyard to replacing light bulbs. Participants do not need to be skilled, but willing to work together.

Meals on Wings delivers a hot meal to approximately 35 shut-ins twice weekly. Referrals are made to us by various sources. There are about 40 dedicated volunteers from Grace and the community who serve in this program.

The work of women is of particular importance to our life at Grace. They have often been described as the backbone for the work of the church and relied upon for fund-raising and organizing parish functions. Women of Grace, Daughters of the King, the Mary and Martha Guild, and the Altar Guild meet throughout the year for service to the church, creative fund-raising, fellowship, and deepening friendships. Their efforts provide not just for the needs of the parish, but also for the community through Habitat for Humanity, Camp New Hope, Community Pantry, the Gospel Rescue Mission, college scholarships for incarcerated women, and local organizations that assist abused and neglected children