Vacation Bible School

Every Summer in the first complete week in June, we join with our next-door neighbors, the First Presbyterian Church, to present Vacation Bible School for our children of elementary and middle school age. It starts at 6 in the evening from Monday to Thursday. Activities are in the Parish Hall of Grace Church and the recreation room of 1st Presbyterian. We use materials purchased from The Group, a nationwide distributor of religious education materials.

Their curricula pick a story from the Bible and the historical time it took place in, and present it as performances by actors from our congregations, and by having a make-believe marketplace/bazaar from that day. Children have the opportunity to make crafts using the materials and techniques of the time. Two years ago it was the story of the imprisonment of the apostle Paul and the days of the Roman Empire. Last year it was the story of Joseph in Egypt. In 2011 it will be Jesus in his childhood hometown, Nazareth.