Christmas was never intended to be an isolated festival. It is properly celebrated when we have done our homework – the preparation of Advent. We will celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ starting with a Children’s Pageant at 5:00 pm. At 10:30 pm we will begin a brief service of Christmas carols and a solemn (incense) Christ mass beginning at 11:00 pm.

Christmas morning at 10:00 am we will celebrate Holy Eucharist. The first Sunday after Christmas will be December 26th (“Boxing Day” for the English).

That day will be marked by Morning Prayer with the lessons focusing on the Feast of St. Stephen, the first deacon.

In the midst of our commercial insanity leading up to Christmas, Advent at Grace Church gives us a time and place to turn ourselves towards God’s will for us as wait with paupers, princes and kings for the real meaning of Christmas – that baby in the manger (and the day he returns).