I’m not Episcopalian. Can I come to your church?
All are welcome, regardless of faith, creed, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age.
I have small children. Can we attend services?
Absolutely!  Grace Church is family-friendly, and your children may either remain with you during services or you may take advantage of Sunday nursery care. There are also a number of Sunday School opportunities.
How are you different from a Roman Catholic Church?
There are theological differences between the two churches – some subtle, some not-so-subtle. There are several key differences, though: The Pope is not the head of the Episcopal Church, although we recognize him as the head bishop of another branch of the Christian Church. In the Episcopal Church, women, as well as men, can be priests and bishops, and priests can also be married. Gay/trans/non-binary people are welcomed! Also, all are welcome to take communion in Episcopal churches, not just Episcopalians.
Do I need to be baptized to take Communion?
At Grace Church the clergy regularly invite all present to partake in Communion. If you have questions or wish to know more about Communion, one of the principle sacraments of the Episcopal Church, speak with any member of our clergy following a service or contact the office at 918.687.5416 or office@gracemuskogee.org  to arrange an appointment with one of the clergy.
Can Episcopalians believe whatever they want?
 When the Church of England (which is the mother church of the Episcopal Church) was established in the 16th century by Queen Elizabeth, it was conceived as the “middle way” between Catholicism and the Protestant Reformation that was sweeping Europe. And so, the Episcopal Church is a place where many points of view – and many questions – are welcomed as part of the life of faith. Episcopalians do not come together as a group of like minded people. Differences and questions are highly valued as the community gathers together in love and mutual respect for one another.
Can I get married in your church?
We welcome those who wish to be married at Grace Church. We require four months’ notice prior to a wedding, and at least one of the parties must be a baptized Christian. Premarital counseling is required by the canons of the Episcopal Church. In the case of a divorced person who wishes to remarry, permission from the bishop is required. Learn more about getting married at Grace Church here.