Nancy Scott

Nancy joined the Grace staff in July 2009. She is both the Business/Financial Administrator and the Director of Children and Youth. She has an Associate’s degree in Business Management and Administration from Western International University, a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry with emphasis on Counseling and Worship Arts from Bacone College, a Master’s in Children and Family Ministry from Bethel Seminary, and is working towards a Master’s degree in Church Management at Villanova University.
*Born in Encino, California
*Grew up in Wagoner, OK
*Graduated High School in Wagoner, OK
*Married to Lance since 1989
*Children: Chelsea, Benjamin, Bethany, Josiah (all grown)
*Grandmother to Nora & Jackson
*Pets: Sadie (a sweet malte-pom doggie)
*Favorite foods include steak and chocolate
*Enjoys: crafting, decorating, reading, spending time with family

Christmas is coming!

My how time flies! It seems like we just started this year and it is already almost over. 
This coming Sunday is the beginning of Advent.  During the season of Advent we celebrate the hope that comes with the anticipation of the Savior’s birth, but so many of us get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and baking and parties and programs and decorating and … and … and … (feel free to fill in the blanks here – there always seems to be one more thing to add to the list). We are overcome with anxiety rather than joy and we anticipate the end of the madness rather than the celebration of the coming of the Christ-child. We are too busy to really take the time to remember why we are celebrating in the first place.
This year at Grace, our children and youth will be spending time getting ready for the annual Christmas pageant. While they are doing this we are intentionally taking time to build that spirit of anticipation that is meant to be felt during Advent. I would like to challenge you to do the same. How will you embrace anticipation? What brings your hope to life?
Many say that it is already Christmastime, but I say it is not quite here yet. Christmas is coming and I look forward to searching for daily reminders of that hope.

Hero Central

At VBS Hero Central, kids will enjoy an interactive, energizing, Bible-based good time as they discover their strength in God. They will become Heroes and explore how to serve God and God’s mission for their lives.

After a high-energy opening assembly at Hero Central, the Heroes make their way to the Bible Story Headquarters. Interactive Bible lessons reveal Hero Codes to equip your Heroes for an active life with God. Our Heroes will discover a Hero Verse (Bible memory verse) that will remain with them in their faith long after VBS.

The kids will expand on what they’ve discovered by participating in a variety of activities: making their own art projects at Craft Headquarters, singing new songs at Music Headquarters, exploring the wonders of creation at Science Headquarters, playing games at  Recreation Headquarters, and enjoying tasty treats at Snack Headquarters. Along the way, the Heroes will hear about our mission project and respond to a call for action!

Let’s go!

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