Ready to Join?

While there are official ways of transferring membership from one church to another, let us say from the outset that Grace Church is primarily focused on you having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. How you actually live that out in the Grace Church community is really a secondary matter. Regardless of your official membership status, four things are primary to your life at Grace Church:
  1. Attend church on Sunday
  2. Connect with our community
  3. Engage in Bible study and your own spiritual growth
  4. Contribute to the community in time, talent, and treasure
There are several scenarios of becoming a member of Grace Church. You should be able to find yourself in one of the situations below:
  • You are already a member of another church and would like to officially transfer your membership to Grace Church. Contact the Grace Church office, and the administrator will ask you the church where you were last a member. It does not matter if this church was Episcopalian or something else. Grace Church will send a letter to your former church requesting a formal transfer of membership. You will be entered on the rolls at Grace Church as a member.
  • You have not attended a church for so long you forgot where you last attended church. Just contact the Grace Church office and ask to be placed on the membership rolls.
  • You desire to maintain your affiliation with some prior church while still attending Grace Church. This is fine. You should contact the Grace Church office and explain that while you may not be ready to be placed on the membership rolls, you would like to receive all the regular mailings (including email and telephone contacts). You will be an active member of the Grace Church community, although you will not be on the official rolls of the parish.
  • You’re a newcomer who wants to remain under the radar for a while just to make sure you are comfortable with this vibrant Episcopal parish in Oklahoma. That’s OK too. Try to attend some of the events and especially the fellowship functions where we can get to know you. To help everyone get to know each other, Grace Church invites you to attend a “Welcoming Sunday” where all of the new people are introduced at announcements during service and a prayer is given for them. A Newcomer Dinner will also be given around the same time, as a chance for new members to get to know one another and the leaders of the parish.
Welcome to the faith journey at Grace! Christians cannot be Christians when they are alone at home or in isolation. We are thrilled and thankful for your participation in the Grace Episcopal Church community. Join us and grow with us. You are already a blessing to many people. For more information about about formal membership, please look at Becoming a Member of Grace Episcopal Church.