What Should I Expect

We know it’s a challenge to walk into something new and we hope this page will answer some of your questions.
We are glad you’re here!
Which Sunday worship should I attend?
Try both! The 8:30 worship service is quieter and smaller, usually meeting in the chapel. The 10:30 worship has music and coffee hour afterwards. Sunday School for children and Adult Forum are at 9:15. (Due to Covid-19, schedules are subject to change).
How do I get there and where should I park?
We are located on the corner of Court St and Sixth. You’ll be greeted at the door by an usher who will give you a bulletin and invite you to sign our guest book. It’s there that you can indicate if you are just travelling through, or if you would like more information on our church community!
What should I wear?
Whatever is comfortable! People wear everything from jeans and dresses to slacks and suits to cowboy boots. What matters is that you are here.
What is worship like?
We hand out a bulletin that lays out the whole service. We will pray, listen to lessons, hear a sermon, pray some more, and celebrate Holy Eucharist (Communion), which is the Lord’s Supper. We worship in a variety of ways – you’ll see some people kneeling, others standing, some making the sign of the cross and some not. Do what seems comfortable for you!  You can learn more about the details of our worship from the sidebars in the bulletin or by skimming the Book of Common Prayer found in the pew racks with the hymnals. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you like.
Will I have to stand up and say my name?
No! But feel free to introduce yourself to those sitting near you. At the sharing of The Peace you will likely be greeted by many new friends with a handshake and the words “Peace be with you”. Please be sure to sign our guest book before you leave and if you would like one of our clergy to visit you in the coming week please let them know!
Should I bring my Bible?
You certainly may, but the lessons for the day will be printed in the bulletin and the preacher will not ask you to open up to a particular passage. This leads some to ask if Episcopalians believe in the Bible. Of course we do, but at Sunday worship our primary text is the Book of Common Prayer, which you will find in your pew. The worship service itself is about two thirds Holy Scripture.
What about the offering plate?
As a newcomer, please let the offering plate go by and be our guest. You’ll see members give joyfully in gratitude to God and to support the ongoing work of the church. To make regular contributions and receive a tax statement, ask to fill out a pledge card. For your convenience, the website provides a secure electronic means to make donations or pledge on a regular basis.
Should I receive Holy Communion?
“This is the Lord’s Table, and wherever you are in the spiritual journey, you are welcome at this, the Lord’s feast.” It’s entirely up to you, but know that all are welcome! Simply come forward with everyone else, kneel or stand at the altar rail. You will be given the bread and the wine, (and yes, it is real wine) but if you do not want to receive it just cross your arms over your chest and the minister will just say a short blessing. We are happy to bring communion to your seat as well!
What if my children are noisy?
Everyone is welcome at Grace, young and old alike. If you have active children we recommend sitting near one of the side doors and taking them outside to let off steam if you need to. You may want to review Worshipping with Young Children for some helpful suggestions about children in worship. There are also coloring pages available at both services! Sunday School for adults and children runs from 9:30 -10:15.
Speaking of the sermon, how long is it?
The sermon is usually delivered by the priest. Typically it includes a teaching and commentary on the lessons of the day. It lasts between 10 and 15 minutes and the congregation is always welcome to respond by phone or e-mail during the following week. 
What else?
We invite you to browse this website and also to read a copy of our monthly newsletter. Contact us at 918-687-5416 or by e-mail for more information!
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