Coming & Going

I’m on a puddle-jumper flight from Houston to Tulsa. The ceiling on this aircraft is about one inch taller than I am so I am thankful to have shrunk an inch in these later years, otherwise I wouldn’t fit. Air travel is an exercise in faith and trust. We don’t know who the pilot is. We don’t know the mechanics who worked on the plane. We don’t know all the ground support for takeoff and landing. But we trust the system and to some extent, we have faith in the system. 

When we board an aircraft, we don’t demand to see the pilot’s credentials. “Prove to me that you have 10,000 hours IFR multi-engine experience.” We don’t insist that all the mechanics have clean records and up to date training. Yet many people today require the same kind of proof for the existence of God. To me, this is both ironic and sad. 

Those who turn away from God have set up intellectual Potemkin villages to satisfy themselves and their like-minded friends. “Only a fool would go to church” they say. They wear their atheist badges proudly. But the more I try to understand their position, the more I have concluded that there is no such thing as an atheist.

Instead, I offer the following proof for the existence of God. God exists for everyone in some form. God is either “out there” somewhere outside of us. Or God is you. You pick.

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